Donate to PMAA!

To all Washington Oil Marketer Association Members:

As your Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA) representative for the State of Washington, I would like to ask all of you as responsible members of your businesses and of our Association to please donate to the PMAA PAC Fund and the PMAA Marketer Defense Fund.  These monies make great strides in helping maintain our businesses and prevent bad legislation from becoming a reality.

I am asking for a donation of a minimum of $100.00 dollars to the PAC fun and the MDF fund.  For perspective, this is less than a 30 gallon fill up for your vehicle today.    Don’t delay.  Make a contribution today. You can either submit a donation by credit card online or download the brochure and send a check directly to PMAA.  Either way, your contributions are helping the efforts of PMAA.

Here is a definition of both funds:

We are often asked to clarify the difference between PMAA’s Marketer Defense Fund (MDF) and PMAA’s Small Business Committee Political Action Committee (PAC).

  • No candidate for Congress can accept any campaign donation from a corporation.  As a result, if PMAA wants to support a candidate for Congress, all donations must be personal donations.  Our Small Business PAC can only accept personal checks or personal credit card donations.
  • The Marketer Defense Fund, however, does not make donations to candidates.  Therefore, corporate donations are acceptable. The monies raised for MDF are primarily used to improve our success on Capitol Hill.

I would like to thank you for all of your support and I encourage you to contact me anytime with PMAA issues that you would like to discuss.  If you have any questions, please contact myself or Lea Wilson at WOMA.


Brad Bell
PMAA State of Washington, Representative
Lea Wilson
Executive Director, WOMA