Member Services

courthouse1 Lobbying and Government Relations: WOMA Lobbyist Charlie Brown serves as the advocate for petroleum marketers and oil heat dealers with state government agencies and the legislature in Olympia.  His efforts have resulted in significant victories which have provided millions of dollars in benefits for WOMA members. While PMAA represent the interests of WOMA members in Washington, DC, WOMA’s staff stays engaged with all national issues and provides support as needed.

Publications: WOMA membership is kept informed through publications, such as “WOMA Newswire” which includes state specific issues. In addition, WPMA publishes a weekly newsletter and PMAA sends out weekly updates on federal issues. Both WPMA and PMAAA publish quarterly magazines providing valuable industry information. As a member of WOMA, you have access to these publications at no charge.

Staples LogoStaples Business Advantage Program: PMAA and WOMA is pleased to introduce the Staples Business Advantage office supply program for all WOMA members. This program provides deep discounts on a variety of items negotiated through the purchasing power of our members and is only available to members of WOMA. It offers 3 fast and easy ways to order – by phone, internet and fax. Members will see reduced costs and overall savings with a total program that includes printing, promotional products, office supplies, furniture and more.

The process is very simple and can save your company money on products you were already going to buy! Take advantage of the buying power of PMAA Marketers! Ask your office supply purchaser to compare this program to your current prices and see how we fare!
To take advantage of this program go to the following link and register online
or contact Gail Harrison via email at:

conventionConference: One of the best attended petroleum industry shows in the West is WOMA’s annual Washington Energy and Convenience Store Conference, typically held during the third week of June.  The attendance and popularity of this event has grown consistently. It provides an outstanding opportunity for networking as well as learning about the critical issues affecting companies in general and petroleum marketers in particular. The conference also has a tradeshow featuring vendors with the latest technology and ideas that can help boost profits.

graduate Scholarships: Children of any full-time employee of a WOMA member may apply for a scholarship through WPMA to help cover the expense of attending a college, university, vocational, or technical school. The WPMA Scholarship Foundation supports the scholarship program.

VoterVoice: WOMA contracts with VoterVoice ( so its members have a powerful tool to communicate their opinions to state and federal legislators.  When WOMA members leverage the influence of their collective voice, much is accomplished. WOMA offers its members VoterVoice as a communication conduit at no extra charge.