Alternative Fuels

Washington is only the second state, behind Minnesota, to adopt a biofuels mandate (Senate Bill 6508). The mandate, which the Washington Legislature adopted in 2006, requires fuel dealers to sell 2 percent biodiesel out of their total diesel sales and 2 percent ethanol out of total gasoline sales. This new state biofuels standard complements a similar Federal law called the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) that mandates the US reach 7.5 billion gallons of biofuel use by 2012. These figures also act as a baseline as the law is designed to increase biofuel use as the state’s capacity to grow and produce biofuels increases.


Fuel Content Requirements

  • At least 2% of the total annual diesel sales must be biodiesel by November 30, 2008. At least 5% must be biodiesel when Agriculture determines instate oil seed crushing capacity and feedstocks can satisfy a 3% requirement. (RCW 19.112.110)
  • At least 2% of total gasoline sales, measured on a quarterly basis, must be ethanol by December 1, 2008. Ethanol content between 2% and at least 10% may be required if Ecology determines it will not jeopardize air quality standards for ozone pollution, and Agriculture determines instate raw materials are available to support economical production. (RCW 19.112.120)
  • Content requirements will be repealed when the diesel supply is at least 10% biodiesel made predominantly from instate feedstocks, and the gasoline supply is at least 20% ethanol made predominantly from instate feedstocks, without jeopardizing air quality standards for ozone pollution. (RCW 19.112.170)

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