Board of Directors

officer-steve-clark Steve Clark, State President
Genessee Heating and Air
Seattle, Washington
officer-todd-shaw Todd Shaw, 1st Vice President
Vancouver Oil Company
Vancouver, Washington
officer-chris-eerkes Chris Eerkes, 2nd Vice President
Sun Pacific Energy Inc
Kennewick, Washington
officer-scott-walters Scott Walters, Immediate Past President
Petrocard Systems
Spokane, Washington
officer-brad-bell Brad Bell, PMAA State Director
Connell Oil
Pasco, Washington
officer-lea-wilson Lea Wilson, State Executive
Washington Oil Marketers Association (WOMA)
Port Orchard, Washington
officer-dave-ducharme Dave Ducharme, WOMA State Lobbyist
Washington Oil Marketers Association (WOMA)
Bellevue, Washington
officer-christopher-allen Christophe Allen, State Director
Acme Fuel Company
Olympia, Washington
officer-dan-averill Dan Averill, State Director
Reisner Distributor Inc
Anacortes, Washington
officer-mike-chandler Mike Chandler, State Director
Chandler Enterprises
Toppenish, Washington
officer-craig-eerkes Craig Eerkes, State Director
Sun Pacific Energy Inc
Kennewick, Washington
officer-tom-hemingway Tom Hemingway, State Director
Broadway Truck Service
Spokane, Washington
officer-bruce-holmstromm Bruce Holmstrom, State Director
Vancouver Oil Company Inc
Vancouver, Washington
officer-dan-knelleken Dan Knelleken, State Director
Sound Oil
Seattle, Washington
officer-sean-mason Sean Mason, State Director
Masco Petroleum
Aberdeen, Washington
officer-robert-ogan Robert Ogan, State Director
Wenatchee Petroleum
Wenatchee, Washington
officer-frank-pupo Frank Pupo Jr., State Director
Associated Petroleum Products
Tacoma, Washington
officer-gerry-ramm Gerry Ramm, State Director
Inland Oil and Propane
Ephrata, Washington
officer-rod-smith Rod Smith, State Director
RH Smith Distributing
Grandview, Washington
officer-steve-snider Steve Snider, State Director
Snider Petroleum
Sumner, Washington
officer-brian-whitley Brian Whitley, State Director
Whitley Fuel
Okanogan, Washington