About WOMA

What is WOMA?

applesThe Washington Oil Marketers Association (WOMA) is a non-profit trade association with 78 individual and corporate members that market petroleum products in Washington State and more than 50 associate members that sell products and services that support the petroleum industry.  WOMA members account for nearly 80% of all petroleum products sold in Washington State, including 68,000,000 gallons of heating oil to residential and industrial users.

WOMA Staff:

WOMA has an efficient and cost-effective two-person staff.  Since 2002, Executive Director Lea Wilson has managed the association’s daily functions and activities.  Lobbyist Dave Ducharme is responsible for providing WOMA’s government relations and lobbying efforts in Olympia, Washington.

What is WOMA’s purpose?

courthouseWOMA’s mission is to protect and advance its members’ legislative and regulatory interests in Washington State and Washington, DC.  Additionally, WOMA provides members with educational seminars, business networking opportunities such as the annual Washington Energy and Convenience Store Conference, and social functions including an annual holiday party.  WOMA is also a member of the Western Petroleum Marketers Association (WPMA), the Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA), and the Pacific Oil Conference (POC).

WOMA Facts:

  • Member businesses are 95% family-owned, most with second and third generations of family running the operation.
  • Members contribute significantly to the Washington economy, paying fuel taxes and B&O taxes on millions of gallons of fuel annually.
  • Members employ over 10,000 people throughout the State of Washington.
  • Members represent fuel from independent oil companies including Chevron/Texaco, ConnocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Shell Oil, BP Products, US Oil and Refining, and Tesoro
  • Members account for over 85% of the total gallons of petroleum fuels sold in Washington State
  • WOMA is the qualified state association providing oil heat education through the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA).